Meeting with… Tamara

Canaries or Germany?

Caregiver, 23 years old – in a home.

Earns €1200 net per month, would like to go to Germany to earn more.
But when I tell her about the cold and the lack of light, she already hesitates. A friend had already spoken to her about the treatment of elderly people in homes in Europe and told her “it’s not for you, your heart is too sensitive”.

I suggest he instead see how to earn a better living by staying in the Canaries.
Take it in his consideration ? She then tells me about a friend who launched a medical assistance project for German expatriates in the Canaries and it is starting to take shape.
He even offered to collaborate with him…

This conversation teaches me: creating what you don’t yet have at home is also a solution.

This will require him to know the languages better and perhaps take a trip to Germany to learn the language of ??? and also cultural codes. But her goal will be to come back here to contribute to her friend’s project.

Is the grass greener elsewhere?

Many immigrants leave their country in the hope of a better life elsewhere, who dream of saving enough to then return to their country to spend their old days.

From what I have seen and from those I have met, this program is an illusion because once you emigrate, you start to put down roots:

  • have children who will go to school
  • who will marry and have children who will stay in the new country.

Immigrants are then torn between their original plan and the one that life has constructed.
Not to mention the fact that once they leave, life in the country evolves, and over time, immigrants can idealize a life that does not exist or no longer exists.

One option is to have a foothold in the country of origin and to return there for more or less long periods.

Or not having children or children who decide to travel and live elsewhere.

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