Training and team building

About 20 training courses to meet your needs and Team building to strengthen ties within your team.

Transversal trainings

My trainings are structured into 4 main sections and can be customised ‘à la carte’ over one or more days.

They meet your employees’ skill development needs.


Leadership and collective intelligence

Collective intelligence leverages group dynamics to achieve common goals, going beyond individual contributions.

It necessitates developing leadership skills that promote teamwork and innovation, where effective leadership involves guiding and empowering teams to harness their collective strengths.

  • The team management toolbox

  • Taming change: becoming an actor and supporter of change

  • Optimise your organisation at work: prioritise priorities

  • Facilitate collective intelligence

  • Conduct assessment interviews effectively

  • Empower yourself for more serene leadership

  • Enhancing team collaboration by understanding individual characteristics

  • Effective meetings

  • Collaborate, yes, but how?

  • Give feedback


Communication and relationships

Learn to communicate more effectively and harmoniously in all aspects of your life, cultivating skills that promote greater mutual understanding and respect.

  • Communicate better with the 4 Toltec agreements

  • The coaching attitude

  • Neither hedgehog, nor doormat, nor prank: let’s develop our assertiveness!

  • Approach the conflict differently

  • Mastering effective and respectful responses


Know yourself better and take care of yourself

Enrich your understanding of how you operate and discover ways towards a more balanced life.

  • Stress management, burn-out prevention

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and develop self-confidence

  • Discovery of the Enneagram

  • I am the creator of my life


Special for schools

Equip yourself to improve learning and the school climate.

  • I give constructive feedback to my students

  • Boost mutual aid and motivation: innovative strategies to strengthen mutual aid, motivation and perseverance in class

  • Act on yourself for more serene authority

  • Revisiting the mistakes with the coach’s tools

Exploit your full potential

Team building : Work better together

Groupe de personnes accroupies pour un exercice de Team building

In today’s professional world, where team synergy and interdepartmental collaboration are essential, the team building that I offer stands out for its holistic and strategic approach.

More than just entertaining activities, my program serves as a powerful catalyst for team cohesion, creating an environment that fosters collective reflection.

They foster a relaxed atmosphere that promotes openness.

These settings encourage team members to reveal lesser-known facets of their personalities and to explore those of their colleagues, thereby enhancing cohesion and mutual understanding.

This forms the basis for building stronger, more empathetic collaborative relationships.

The dynamic enables each team member to share their perspectives, challenges, and successes, facilitating the articulation of encountered obstacles and prioritizing the issues that need to be addressed.

In a supportive and constructive environment, I foster idea development through creativity and brainstorming.

The goal is to transcend departmental boundaries and initiate cross-functional actions that bring about lasting, significant improvements.

By setting a clear schedule and establishing shared goals, we strengthen collaboration, enhance performance, and create a more satisfying work environment for all.

This activity fosters innovation and collaboration, encouraging team members to step out of their comfort zones, merge ideas, and pursue a shared goal, while uncovering hidden talents.

It not only enhances interpersonal relationships, vital for positive team dynamics, but also transforms and strengthens connections, preparing the team to tackle future challenges effectively.

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