You need to clarify a situation? you are part of gifted people and would like to accept your differences? You are looking for a new job, a career transition? My role as a coach is to accompany you in overcomng these challenges towards your full accomplishment.


Thanks to a rich, international and varied experience focussed on the human being, I developed quality listening skills, a capacity to build links and to ask the questions aiming at shedding light and raising awareness. My university education confers to my practice rigor and precision.  My goal, along this process, is to reveal your potential and connect you to your own unexpected resources, in full respect of your choices and autonomy.

“Samadhi” is a Sanskrit word designating the state of consciousness induced by complete meditation: the mind becomes very still but does not merge with the object of attention. It is thus able to observe and gain insight into the changing flow of experience. Samadhi reminds me of mindfulness, inner peace and awareness which are, in my opinion, core to the coaching outcome.

Rooted in orange, symbolising our relationship with the Earth and blossoming into purple, the colour closely connected with spirituality and the higher self, the tree and colours of the Samadhi logo symbolise my belief that that happiness and well-being do not happen by chance. We all have the resources to achieve them sustainably.

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“Strong progress is possible once you realise who you are and take this into account.”

{ Robert Kelsey }

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