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Vous voulez une formation claire, précise et efficace ? Vous voulez découvrir des concepts clés illustrés par des situations concrètes ? Vous voulez un cadre bienveillant et rassurant pour partager vos expériences ? Vous voulez une formation où la bonne ambiance et des réels échanges ont lieu ? Alors vivez cette aventure avec Pascale. Celle-ci vous guidera pas à pas avec professionnalisme mais surtout avec le sourire 😃 Voir les conflits autrement et d'autres sujets plus intéressants les uns que les autres vous attendent.
xavier brouwers
xavier brouwers
Super formatrice, je recommande !
Christine De Weirdt
Christine De Weirdt
Bonjour pascale j'ai eu la chance de déjà avoir suivit deux de vos formations et je voulais vous remercier pour la qualité du travail. La clarté des explications, votre authenticité et le contenu était vraiment très enrichissant. Je vous recommanderai les yeux fermés. Encore merci Barbara (RosePollen-Designer floral)
Barbara Pelgrims
Barbara Pelgrims
Pascale est une formatrice très agréable, structurée et inspirante. Je recommande!
Emmanuelle Bricq
Emmanuelle Bricq
Pascale est une excellente formatrice & coach, dynamique, à l'écoute et qui connaît très bien son sujet! J'ai particulièrement appréciée son coté humain et chaleureux. Une très chouette formation. Merci.
Stephanie Lepoint
Stephanie Lepoint
Très belle personne, très bonnes techniques et outils de coaching, bienveillance assurée !
Charlotte Lemaitre
Charlotte Lemaitre
We were very please to have you on board of our adventure and hope to see you again. Thx for the beautiful video you made. Grega Zdenka
Balonarski Center Barje
Balonarski Center Barje
Formatrice très dynamique, qui connait très bien son sujet ! Une très belle formation. Merci.
Hanon Caroline
Hanon Caroline
La formation suivie, communiquer en couleur (disc) , m a fait prendre conscience de mon mode de fonctionnement et de m occuper de moi. Merci
Catherine WOUTERS
Catherine WOUTERS
excellente formation à conseiller à tout le monde.
Omar Zian
Omar Zian

The coaching : Get support to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

At certain times in your life, it is sometimes necessary to take a step back and be supported by a professional.
I offer three types of coaching to best meet your needs.

Life coaching

Stress management and rebuilding after a burnout

Improve confidence in yourself and others

Accept your strengths and weaknesses, particularly for “high-potential” and hypersensitive people

I want to flourish

Job coaching

Strengthening leadership

Lead and manage change

Skills assessment and self-knowledge

Orientation and professional retraining

I unleash my potential

Spiritual coaching

Find the meaning of your life

Identify recurring patterns, release fears and obstacles

Better manage your emotions

Energy liberation

I reconnect myself

Transversal trainings

To develop your skills and those of your team, I offer tailor-made training courses lasting one or more days.

Here is a selection of some of the themes covered


Team building : Work better together

You need to strengthen ties in your team, get to know each other better or integrate new recruits?

My team building activities help create a climate of trust to become aware of our differences and complementarities, improve motivation and communication within the team.


Meaning of "Samadhi"

This Sanskrit term evokes full awareness, inner peace. It is used in meditation and in yoga (which I have been practicing since the age of 18) to designate a mental attitude of awareness of the thoughts that pass through us.

It also refers to a momentary concentration on the changing phenomena of the body and mind.
In my opinion, awareness is at the heart of the coaching process.

Rooted in the color orange, symbolising our relationship with the Earth, and blossoming in purple, a color closely linked to spirituality and the higher self, the tree and the colours of the

The Samadhi logo illustrates my belief that each individual possesses the resources necessary to fully realise their full potential.

A holistic profile

I complement these passions by organising trips and sharing my impressions on my blog, while creating natural stone jewelry allows me to give free rein to my creativity.



Beauty and creativity are part of my universe.
Come discover my collection of natural stone, silver and gold-plated jewelry.


I offer workshops or rejuvenation stays.

Samadhi blog

I let my hands guide me on the subjects that inspire me.

Portrait de Pascale Crustin avec un fond gris

Pascale Crustin, your coach and trainer

Since 2012, I have been supporting individuals, professionals and companies in managing change as a means of revealing potential.

My favorite themes are well-being at work, HiPos people, stress management/burn-out prevention.

Thanks for your trust

Your feedback is valuable to further improve my services.

Thank you all for your many testimonials!

Thank you for everything you gave and brought!
Thank you for your open-mindedness and your availability.
What surprised me the most was the ability to bounce back and use our ideas and reflections to fuel the training.

The trainer is very competent and knows how to respond to the expectations of the participants.
The theory is very well explained with concrete examples directly linked to our school experience.
Very interesting training content, we learned a lot of things to put into practice in our classes.

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