A coach:

Coaching : for who ?

Coaching allows you to develop your potential, to bring out your strengths, and to identify your resistances in order to overcome them.

It is a way to create deep and lasting changes in your personal and/or professional life.

My clients are people who wish to adapt to a new situation, create change, develop new skills, unleash their potential or resolve a difficulty.

Job and life coaching are personalised support techniques, distinct from therapy, consultancy and mentoring, applicable both to individuals (Life coaching) and to teams and managers in companies (Corporate coaching) or even to students (school coaching).

In job coaching, I particularly target qualified profiles (executives, academics, doctoral students) and/or expatriates.

In career transition

Stress management and/or burn-out

Learning methods (academic coaching)

High potentials (HiPos) and hypersensitives


A challenge in personal life

Life coaching

Now is the time to take control of your life and create your own path to fulfillment.

Together, let's reveal the best version of yourself!

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Job coaching

Are you an academic, PhD student, an executive?
Are you an expatriate with a qualified profile?
Are you looking for a job or a new direction?

Together we can make it work!

I can also guide you on the job market for international cooperation (United Nations, NGOs, GOs), international organisations, European institutions (agencies, Council, Commission, Parliament, etc.).

After the preliminary phase intended to analyse your needs and clarify your objective, we work together on the following themes which can be chosen à la carte.

  • How and where to find job offers: different channels, search engines
  • Your visibility on the internet: online CV, social networks
  • Preparing and revising your CV and cover letter: the different models, how to get your message across
  • Preparation for job interviews: your personal presentation (elevator speech), non-verbal management, how to answer tricky questions, simulations and role-playing, work on self-confidence, management of your fears (contribution of neuroscience, transactional analysis, NLP)
  • Planning the steps and monitoring the job search: evaluation of the strategy to promote your uniqueness
  • In the case of dismissal or expatriation: assessment of the situation, management of emotions, the grief curve, management of your benchmarks and rejuvenating activities
  • Your professional objective: what you like, what you don’t like, your expectations, your beliefs, emergence of your project
  • Resource people and organisations to create your own activity
  • Skills assessment: Analysis of your skills, talents, motivations and potential
  • Your values, your obstacles, your personality and priorities: your career pillars, personality indicators (MBTI, Belbin, drivers test)
  • Stimulate the team
  • Support in times of crisis (merger, relocation, restructuring, etc.)
  • Improve communication and cohesion (multicultural teams for example)
  • Support to explore new ways of managing stress, pressure and/or demotivation
  • Customize learning strategies: tailor learning approaches to enhance students' understanding and academic performance, based on their individual learning styles.
  • Set realistic goals: assist students in setting achievable goals and provide the necessary support to reach them, thereby boosting motivation and a sense of achievement.
  • Teach effective study methods and time management: share proven study techniques and time management skills, enabling students to handle their workload more efficiently.

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Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching offers a deep introspective journey, allowing you to reconnect with the true meaning of your life, to identify the obstacles, recurring patterns and conditioning that hinder your fulfillment.

It is a liberating approach, aiming to transcend your limitations to fully embrace your potential.

Created by Georges Colleuil, this tool invites you to an introspection, to question your vision of the world and your interaction with it. At the heart of this exploration, symbolic and archetypal images play a central role: they serve as a mirror where you can project your own reading grid of the world, thus revealing your defense mechanisms and the family, societal or cultural injunctions that govern them. often sub-consciously.

This enlightening process facilitates the identification of obstacles to personal evolution and highlights internal resources that are still untapped.

The Référentiel de Naissance® is much more than a guide; it is a compass for navigating the complexities of existence. It proves particularly valuable during pivotal life moments, offering a unique perspective to reconnect with the deeper meaning of your journey. By deciphering the repetitive patterns and impasses in which you find yourself, this tool accompanies you on a journey of self-discovery. It helps us explore our hidden fears, our choices, our unfulfilled dreams, adding color, meaning and vitality to your personal story.

Through the Référentiel de Naissance®, you can begin an enriching inner dialogue, a true reflection of your essence.

Based on the tool developed by Lydie Castells, I create your profile and it becomes the starting point for a discussion to understand what gives you meaning, in order to gain confidence and identify your fundamental needs.


If during a coaching session I identify energetical obstacles, I put these additional tools at your service:

  • Quick REMAP Method (Reed Eye Movement Acupressure Psychotherapy): Created by Steve Reeds, the REMAP® method combines a set of three energy psychology techniques to relieve emotional distress through the body's energy field.
  • Logosynthesis: Created by Dr. Willem Lammers
  • Hypnosis

Progress of a coaching session

Please note: The first 3 sessions are spaced 7 to 10 days apart, the following ones take place every 15 days (adjustable if necessary).

First appointment

During the first meeting, we define the objective (meeting SMART criteria) and clarify the contract (our mutual commitment).

Duration of a session

The session has an average duration of 1/1.30 hour and is carried out face to face (after the first interview, the sessions can also be carried out by zoom).

The end of a session

The session often ends with a task to be completed before the next meeting during which we evaluate its implementation and the awareness observed.

The coaching review

We regularly carry out an assessment (or closure) and at the end of the coaching contract.

My role as a coach

Let's work together to unlock your full potential


Discover, clarify, align with your objective

I mainly focus on the present and the future. I create the space that will allow your solutions to emerge and thus initiate a dynamic that brings new motivation.

Illuminate strategies, open awareness

By allowing you to look at the situation from a new angle, I act as an awakener of potential so, among other things, that you give yourself new permissions. I provide the tools that will allow you to reconnect with your own resources and mobilise them.

Supporting people with high potential (HP)

Through my knowledge of the characteristics and difficulties linked to high potential, I support you in accepting your uniqueness and we explore together the means to meet the challenges.

Encourage action and take on challenges

Stepping out of your comfort zone is often scary. My objective is to support the dynamic of change and to help find the MEANING that will allow you to meet the challenges, to overcome the “obstacles”.

Focus on your responsibilities, your autonomy

I start from the principle that you are the expert in your own life: you know your situation best, you are best able to understand it and define your needs, and the changes to implement. I am not trying to influence you. This involves in-depth work of self-knowledge and personal questioning, in order to put my own mechanisms and personal preferences (projections) at bay to truly be at your service.

My tools used in coaching

Thanks to my training in coaching certified by ICF combined with my human-oriented background, I am able to develop quality listening, the ability to make connections and ask the right questions to deepen and give new insight. lighting on the themes covered.

My university training brings rigor and precision.

Open and constantly learning, I constantly enrich my practice with new tools.

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