Here are a few examples of the scope of coaching : Life-Coaching thread

In one’s personal life (life coaching), how to:

  • Take a decision
  • Prepare or manage a transition, or a change
  • Manage emotions and interactions
  • Get support in the different phases of a project
  • Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and trust in others
  • Develop self-awareness (manage one’s own fears, identify and mobilise one’s own resources)

In the workplace, how to :

  • Strike a balance between private and professional life
  • Develop time and stress management skillsit is never too late
  • Improve public speaking
  • Assess professional skills before a possible reorientation
  • Craft a job search strategy
  • Get back to work after a break
  • Rediscover meaning and motivation
  • Share one’s difficulties and challenges
  • Prepare for a new role
  • Increase self-confidence, identify and develop ones’ talents
  • Prepare for a job interview

For businesses,how to:

  • Enhance team motivation
  • Provide support at critical times (merger, relocation, restructuring, etc.)Coaching-tips
  • Strengthen communication and cohesion (e.g. multicultural teams)
  • Explore new ways of managing stress, pressure and/or demotivation

For students, how to :

  • Evaluate the learning method
  • Decide on a career path
  • Find pleasure in studying
  • Become self-motivated in order to achieve a goal