My role as a coach?

To discover, clarify, align with the client’s objective: as your coach, I will focus primarily on the present and the future, creating the space that will allow your own solutions to emerge and thereby initiate a new dynamic and fresh motivation.

To highlight strategies, enhance the client’s awareness: together we will awaken your potential, encouraging you to look at a situation from a new perspective. I provide you with the necessary tools to reconnect with your own resources and mobilise them.

To encourage the client to take action: exploring outside one’s confort zone is often uncomfortable. My aim is to support the dynamics of change, helping to find the MEANING that will allow challenges to be met and “obstacles” to be overcome.

To support gifted people: by my knowledge of the characteristics and difficulties associated with giftedness, I support you in accepting your individuality and we together explore ways to meet the associated challenges.

To focus the client on his/her own responsibility and autonomy: I assume you are an expert on your own life: you know the situation better, you are better able to understand and to define your needs and any changes to be implemented. I do not seek to guide you. This implies on my side a thorough self-knowledge and a reflective attitude, so that I can put aside my own mechanisms and personal preferences (projections) so as to be truly at your service.ToTheTop2[:es]