How is a coaching session with Pascale?

Thanks to my ICF coaching certification combined with a rich and varied experience focussed on the human being, I developed quality listening skills, a capacity to build links and to ask the questions aiming at shedding light and raising awareness. My university education confers to my practice rigor and precision.  My goal, along this process, is to reveal your potential and connect you to your own unexpected resources, in full respect of your choices and autonomy.

My main coaching tool is the art of questioning. I use the GROW model into which I have incorporated transactional analysis, NLP, mind mapping, the DISC profiles, the MBTI, Belbin Team roles, integrative body psychology and Non-violent Communication (NVC). Open and in permanent learning process, I constantly adapt my practice with new tools.

How the process works:

  • During the first session, we define the objective (according to the SMART criteria) and clarify the contract (our mutual commitment).
  • The average session lasts 1h30 and takes place face to face. After the first appointement, sessions can also take place via zoom.
  • The session usually ends with the assignment of a task to be carried out before the next meeting, during which we evaluate the implementation of the task, the achievement of goals and awareness.
  • We evaluate regularly the progress made. A final evaluation is done at the end of the process.
  • The first 3 appointments are organised within one month. Thereafter they can be made every 2 weeks (adjustable if need be).

My personal commitment as a coach is to:

  • Respect the principles of professional ethics issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Mobilize all my resources and energy to assist the client in achieving his/her goals
  • Set up a caring but demanding framework
  • Provide personalised quality monitoring in accordance with ICF ethics
  • If necessary, readjust the general objective at mid-term
  • Assess the results at the end of the assignment on the basis of the criteria defined earlier
  • Refuse an assignment if I am not sure I will be able to provide a satisfactory service and, if possible, recommend a competent professional partner.

Your commitment : to respect the established framework and fully commit to achieving his/her goals.

  “Proper coaching helps the coachee to find his/her own way and to find his/her own solutions, which is much more motivating and long-lasting.”

  • { Henri Cnops, Président of the l’ICF }