Change and adaptation to change are part of my personal and professional life. Since my childhood, I have been in contact with different cultures. I not only travelled extensively but also lived more than 18 years away from my culture of origin (in Central America, Sweden, Spain and London), during which 1-year exchange in a Costa Rican family. Apart from mastering French, English and Spanish, these experiences enabled me to develop strengths such as an open mindedness, empathy, sensitivity, pragmatism, perseverance and receptivity to people with high potential. I also discovered other ways of thinking, other ways of seeing and experiencing life. These skills are more than ever key to my practice as I can support you in seeing your challenge from another perspective.

Graduated in International Relations (ULB-1996) and holding an MSc in Public Administration (LSE-2001), the diversity of my professional background and experience have made me a field person who has developed a holistic approach to dealing with human beings. The thread running through my professional and personal life is my passion for the human being and for forging positive relationships – a commitment I have upheld as a project manager in development cooperation (3 years’ experience for NGOs and the United Nations), as a TV producer (2 years), in the teaching field (lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, remedial courses, language courses) and more recently and as a human resources administrator. In my last position, I was active for eight years in the GALILEO PROJECT, during the start-up phase, involving the recruitment and integration of people of over 20 different nationalities and subsequently oversaw two relocations).

Throughout my life, I followed several training and therapies in the field of personal development in order to better understand myself and the others (see complete list – PDF).

A burn-out and later, my employer’s relocation, led me to reflect on the value and meaning of life. How I dealt with adversity has enriched me as I managed to find my own resources, to bounce back and become closer to my true self. This has ultimately led to more trust in myself and in life in general. More than ever, human beings fascinate me and  my role as coach (ICF certified) at “Samadhi Coaching” allows me to live up to my commitment to supporting people in their self-development.

 “If we understand ourselves better, we would damage ourselves less.”

  • { James Baldwin}
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