From Chile to Belgium, via Spain, Central America, Sweden and London, I lived the first 28 years of my life in 8 different countries. This experience opened me up to the diversity of the world and the relativity of our beliefs.

Then, life events such as a burn-out, a divorce, an abusive dismissal, the loss of a job … are all experiences that I have lived in the depths of my being. To bounce back and integrate these changes, I sought answers and support in different therapies, trainings, readings, and also in the questioning of my beliefs and conditioning, in the reconnection to myself and to my inner resources.

Graduated in International Relations and Public Administration, ICF certified coach, trainer in interpersonal communication, I completed my training with the DISC typology, the MBTI, the Enneagram, the Quick REMAP, the Référentiel de Naissance® and hypnosis.

After a career in development cooperation, teaching and HR, I have been coaching individuals, professionals and companies since 2012 in the management of change as a revelation of potential.

My favourite themes are well-being at work, high potential and/or hypersensitive people and stress management/prevention of burn-out.


 “If we understand ourselves better, we would damage ourselves less.”

  • { James Baldwin}